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We are a full-service flooring company and as such we offer you every step of the process, in addition, we also always go the extra mile so added to our flooring services we offer what comes next as well!

Once your flooring search has come to a close, you found the one that you will love for years to come, you feel good, empowered because we helped you not only to find the right product but to understand its possibilities as well as limitations, we will fully walk you through the installation process.

Our Orlando flooring installers are:

Uniformed flooring installers: because we stand out with our work, we want to stand out in our looks as well, that’s why all of our on-site installers will always be uniformed with our distinctive PCM issued clothing

Professional and fully trained flooring installers: our in-house installers have been with us since the very beginning, our newer installers have been through a series of training where they learn that understanding how to install a certain product is only a percentage of what we offer. Our installers understand that as well as our sales team, it is their duty to keep educating and informing you of the process every step of the way, and most importantly it worth mention, our training process includes hands training directly by certain product manufacturers, so you can rest assured that whatever your flooring choice will be, it will be installed once, and it will be installed right. Lastly, our installers are trained to understand and represent our principles with pride. Pride in our work, pride in our product, honesty, and responsibility

Punctual flooring installers: It is important for us to always be on time as well as leave on time, we make it our daily goal to maintain this culture

Whether you are having your carpets replaced, or getting rid of your old carpets and upgrading your floors to match the luxury vinyl floors you envisioned, the tile floors you saw on tv, or even the wood floors you dreamed of we have certain steps that we follow and it is all included with your installation.

Furniture moving: we gladly move and set back all of your furniture, from nightstands to dressers, pianos, or grandfather clocks. Our flooring installers are equipped with the right tools and training to handle everything, and for your peace of mind, we are fully insured. Worth mentioning, with your permission, pictures are taking before anything is moved to ensure that we return everything back to its original location when the installation is complete.

When tearing our carpet: after the moving of furniture is completed, the carpet will be removed in sections, cutting pieces of 3-4ft in width and tightly rolled and tapped. We always haul away old material so you can rest assured that if you are in an HOA restricted community, trash will never be left outside your home, if you are in a condo or townhome community or even a professional plaza, the resident or tenant dumpsters will not be used. After carpet and padding (if removing residential re-stretch carpet) tack strips are removed (thin wood strips with nails that run along the perimeter of your walls) lastly a through subfloor cleaning is done, vacuuming all edges and checking the slab for any imperfections. Additional floor preparation is considered and discussed if any at all are noted.

When removing tile or wood flooring: this is a very time consuming and meticulous process where attention to detail can not be overlooked. Once the furniture moving process is complete, the area/s that will be demoed will be isolated and completely covered up to minimized (if not eliminate) and control any and all dust that can be created from the demolition process. Now comes the time to prepare the room/area for the demo. Make sure all breakables /wall decorations are fully covered or removed to ensure their safety. Next, all ceiling fans and ceiling lights are to be covered up with plastic and taped. If we are working in or near a kitchen, all countertops and cabinetry will be covered up in anticipation that some dust may get through, toe kicks on cabinetry are protected to ensure their safety and always when possible appliances are removed to ensure nothing gets damaged, should we not be able to remove and place at a different location, appliances will be padded and fully covered for their protection. All trash and debris will be removed from the site by our personnel. Once the subfloor is clear, one last sweep is done and a fully vacuumed. Now it’s the time to analyze the subfloor for any imperfections, cracks, dips, bumps or leveling issues, it is important to understand that depending on the flooring to be installed the installation requirements may vary thus making some subfloors, not as ideals as others for installation. Additional floor preparation is always available when needed and always discussed beforehand.

Laminate flooring/linoleum flooring: when removing either one of these floorings the process is much like carpet in the sense that it is a much smoother process, minimal dust is expected, the subfloor will be dusted and vacuumed and always inspected for any imperfections that may affect the outcome of the installation.

Once the subfloor is examined, additional floor preparation (if any at all) is discussed, we are finally ready to begin the installation! After careful consideration of the infinite selection of floor covering available out there, the time invested in making sure you understand the products and you pick the one you completely love, we get past our demo process there is one last thing to re-check (because this step is typically discussed while selecting the flooring) the pattern the flooring will be installed! Will it run lengthwise, widthwise, will it be a brick pattern, straight lay or may be a diagonal? It is our compromise to show you in one more time with your product on hand a preview of what the floor will look like, should any changes be made we still have time. Once we nail down the correct pattern we are able to finally get your dream flooring installed. As the installation progresses, our on-site management will make sure that everything is getting done according to manufacturer standards and our standards. As the installation process comes to an end, final adjustments and touch-ups will be made to ensure the final product is as you exactly dreamed of.

Going the extra mile means more than just words to us, we don’t consider hauling away old flooring as extra, nor removing old carpet, or moving furniture, answering your questions and addressing your concerns, that is all part of the many services we offer, in addition, we also offer:

Painting: if baseboards or quarter round are installed, we installed them primed and caulked paint ready. It is typically up to the customer to either do it themselves or hire additional help for this. At PCM we offer that additional help.

Cleaning: while during the demo process, precautionary steps are taken to either eliminate or at the very list minimalize dust, additional cleaning may always be expected once furniture goes back in place (all furniture is dusted before resetting). We can offer you that move in ready cleaning, completely take the pressure off and finish off the entire process leaving your home
spotless clean.

It is always important to understand that not one installation is alike, every home, every office, every subfloor varies and have unique qualities, one of our flooring professionals should always come out to make arrangements and put a game plan together and timeline in place to have a better idea of what are realistic expectations tailored to your specific project. For more information please contact us and we will be happy to make your dream flooring become a reality!


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